WILLOW: The Fun Raiser

WILLOW: The Fun Raiser

A Saturday showcase featuring an all-star lineup of friends + artists, including the Canadian debut of Big Sis, all the way from Los Angeles! There will be live sets as well as DJ sets, drag, burlesque, much art + prizes to be raffled as the evening unfolds. We encourage all to dress in their best Willow-inspired swag or Simpsons couture ;)

Deep gratitude to every soul involved in supporting this fundraiser in aims to gas up Willow’s recovery journey as she continues to heal ‘Full Steam Ahead’. Since her cardiac arrest in late October, she is showing us in true Willow fashion – she’s tackling this chapter with determination, hilarity, and making ripples of miracles happen every week in her progress forward. We don’t doubt or take for granted the forcefield of love poured in from her community has held her, strengthened her will, and kept the torch infinitely lit. We would be elated for you to join us on the evening of March 18th, to keep that flame alive for Willow.


We want our low income friends to be there too! 



BIG SIS (LA) – this brother/sister duo is freshly sculpting their own subgenre of music with cheeky euphemisms + modern phonaesthetic production. With respective backgrounds in acting/music production, Big Sis fiercely flirts with the ‘4th wall’ over a cuppa 𝖍𝖎𝖌𝖍 𝖙𝖊𝖆 + club crumpetz. With stage presence steadfast for the stratosphere, their set will wow, warp, and charm with hypnotic experimentalism. 

Crystal Precious – a • beyond iconic • MC, visionary + seductress in BC’s community of electronic music + modern Burlesque. Crystal Precious leads with quick-witted brilliance, sassy + inclusive content, high-level humor, and is a dominatrix of ALL elements related to the stage. The Crystal Ballroom is her new baby, passion project, and jewel of the city. Keep a red carpet in your back pocket so we can worship the ground this Queen slays on. She deserves it all. 

Coco Klein – Coco Klein’s performances have the power to become easily + eternally emblazoned in the mind. An unparalleled Drag Alien/performance artist that pours out from a level of creative genius fully • from • the future. If in the year 3023, you picked up a holographic kaleidoscope from a dancefloor and saw Coco voguing interplanetary punk couture inside of it, that’s just one of many tricks up this one’s sleeve, hunni. 

Everlynx – haunting soundscapes of melody driven electronic folk/rock. Everlynx’s track ‘Hit Me With Your Love’ had magnificently etched its way into Willow’s subconscious mind, and was the first song she remembered + sung the lyrics to when she miraculously came back into her body. A sacred anthem of endearment + unity through our friend group – come get swept up in the rest of Everlynx’s musings from deep within.  

Leland River – Leland has been setting the tone + pace of underground electronic music culture for over a decade in the West coast music community as a DJ + producer. Having played impeccable time slots for many years at Bass Coast, Shambhala, and Burning Man – Leland is now flawlessly finessing a festival of his own on Salt Spring Island, while kinetically keeping our ears magnetized towards his steadily seductive sounds.

Caro –Sometimes beat-driven and always eccentrically vast, Caro’s sound lands somewhere between the realms of smoked out experimentalism and sub-heavy soundscapes. They have performed at festivals such as Mutek, Bass Coast & Shambhala, and have been booked to play alongside talents like Space Afrika, DJ Plead, Ulla, Kahn, Sicaria, Phelaeh, Azu Tiwaline & Lorraine James. Caro continuous to transform and blend barriers between the contrasting worlds of ambient and experimental bass music via their monthly radio show The Tea. Their debut LP Lowlands was released on Bristol’s Limbo Tapes in 2021, with their sophomore album set to release with Berlin’s forward-thinking INDEX:Records in 2023.

Lil Cis – With sound selections that embody a duality of both balmy house music that transport you to a tropical slice of paradise, as well as adding her individualistic take on BC’s notorious sounds of 140 bpm, Lil Cis is a gifted + innovative force of creativity that blossoms and grows wherever she finds herself. One to stay tuned into for the inevitably impeccable ascent ahead. 

Handsome Tiger – A pillar of the West Coast music community, and now a highly sought-after artist across the continent, Handsome Tiger was named in CBC’s Reclaimed Artists to Watch in 2020, as well as CBC music’s 6 Indigenous Artists You Need to Know in 2021. Handsome Tiger plays a mix of dub, grime, dancehall, afrobeat, and original Indigenized bass music. Uniting traditional cultural elements with compelling compositions from every angle of bass music, Handsome Tiger has multiple EP’s, years of festival affluence, and an abundant cascade of live shows under his belt gaining him a loyal fanbase at astronomical rates of appreciation for everything he alchemizes into his art

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