“A mainstay in Vancouver’s underground for more than a decade.”

-Vancouver Magazine

About Cp

Crystal Precious is a queer singer, rapper, dancer, writer, actor, & host. She is best known for her single & music video Apple Pie (No Pie For You), her blog (Adventures in Sass), and as the resident MC & main stage host of the Bass Coast Music Festival.

Her sound is a bass-heavier tribute to the atmospheric hip hop of the nineties, but with sultry torch-song vocals and a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour. After two decades of cutting her teeth alongside live musicians, drag queens, DJs, rappers, and burlesque showgrrls alike, Ms Precious lands somewhere between cabaret diva and late-night warehouse MC.

CP is known for helming multiple female-led underground venues in Vancouver, Canada (The Crystal Ballroom, Dollhouse Studios) which served to challenge patriarchal dynamics in the local nightlife. For many years, CP also performed with the award-winning Sweet Soul Burlesque, kicking off each show with her original vocal hip hop tunes. She produced their six year weekly run at The Keefer Bar (2010 - 2016), hosting more than 300 striptease shows for upscale cocktail crowds.

CP's debut recording project “The Striphop EP”, was produced by Self Evident (Lighta sound, dipped recordings) and was released on East Van Digital. In February of 2020, CP debuted her new music and storytelling show "Things I Shouldn't Tell You" at the Push International Performing Arts Festival. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CP curated shows for the Vancouver Mural Festival.

In 2023 Crystal debuted her monthly podcast "Backstage Cash", exploring the current business sides of being an artist. She is currently recording new music slated for release beginning fall of 2024.

Bass Coast Pixel Fest (2020)

feat. Subscura